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Applications biologiques de la microscopie nonlinéaire

Jérôme Mertz , Laurent Moreaux , Emmanuel Beaurepaire , Serge Charpak
Salin, François and Laporte, Pierre. Systèmes femtosecondes, 1, PUSE-MRCT-CNRS, pp.311-318, 2001, Intégrations [des savoirs et savoir-faire], 2-86272-210-3
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Temperature Rise under Two-Photon Optogenetic Brain Stimulation

Alexis Picot , Soledad Dominguez , Chang Liu , I-Wen Chen , Dimitrii Tanese et al.
Cell Reports, 2018, 24 (5), pp.1243-1253.e5. ⟨10.1016/j.celrep.2018.06.119⟩
Journal articles hal-03065412v1
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Variability of Child Rib Bone Hounsfield Units using in vivo Computed Tomography

Baptiste Sandoz , Zaki Sidelkeir , Alina Badina , François Bermond , David Mitton et al.
International Research Council on the Biomechanics of Injury, Sep 2013, Sweden. pp.270-279
Conference papers hal-01065589v1

Sleep effects of aircraft noise near Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport: results from the pilot study of the DEBATS research program.

Anne-Sophie Evrard , Carlos Ribeiro , Inès Khati , Patricia Champelovier , Maxime Elbaz et al.
INTER-NOISE 2013, the 42st International Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering., Sep 2013, Austria. 6 p
Conference papers hal-00854163v1

Radial trunk-centred reference frame in haptic perception

Lucile Dupin , Vincent Hayward , Mark Wexler
SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 2018, 8 (1), pp.13550
Journal articles hal-04026806v1
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Les pharyngotomies latérales

O. Laccourreye , A. Villeneuve , F. Rubin , C.F. Holsinger
Annales françaises d'Oto-rhino-laryngologie et de Pathologie Cervico-faciale, 2019, 136, pp.135 - 138. ⟨10.1016/j.aforl.2018.08.001⟩
Journal articles hal-03486487v1
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Contrôle de l'audibilité du bruit de quantification induit par la pré-distorsion d'un signal de parole

Gaël Mahé , André Gilloire
Sep 2003, pp. 237-240
Conference papers hal-00113829v1

Development of a Computed Cleansing Score to Assess the Quality of Bowel Preparation in Colon Capsule Endoscopy

Aymeric Becq , Aymeric Histace , Marine Camus , Isabelle Nion-Larmurier , Einas Abou Ali et al.
UEGW 2016 (United European Gastroenterology Week), Oct 2016, Vienna Austria
Conference papers hal-01375881v1
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A computer-aided tool to predict dental crown prosthesis surface integrity after milling

Nicolas Lebon , Laurent Tapie , Elsa Vennat , Bernardin Mawussi
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Estimation of the low-frequency components of the head-related transfer functions of animals from photographs

Marc Rebillat , Victor Benichoux , Romain Brette , Makoto Otani , Renaud Keriven et al.
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 2014, 135 (5), pp.2534-2544. ⟨10.1121/1.4869087⟩
Journal articles hal-01001719v1

Generation of a reproducible and stable atmosphere charged of VOC mixture suitable for exposure at air–liquid interface

Gaelle Bardet , Sophie Achard , Valérie Desauziers , I. Momas , Nathalie Seta et al.
Toxicology Letters, 2015, 238 (2), pp.S193. ⟨10.1016/j.toxlet.2015.08.557⟩
Journal articles hal-02479356v1
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New CT imaging method for adipose tissue analysis in mouse model of obesity

Sylvain Ordureau , Arnaud Marchadier , Roger Lédée , Catherine Vidal , Jean-Pierre Tafani et al.
Radiological Society of North America, Nov 2009, Chicago, United States
Conference papers hal-00608661v1
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Impact of PCM resistance-drift in neuromorphic systems and drift-mitigation strategy

Manan Suri , Daniele Garbin , Olivier Bichler , Damien S Querlioz , Dominique Vuillaume et al.
2013 IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Nanoscale Architectures (NANOARCH), Jul 2013, New York, United States. ⟨10.1109/NanoArch.2013.6623059⟩
Conference papers hal-01827058v1
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Patterned two-photon illumination by spatiotemporal shaping of ultrashort pulses

Eirini Papagiakoumou , Vincent de Sars , Dan Oron , Valentina Emiliani
Optics Express, 2008, 16 (26), pp.22039-22047. ⟨10.1364/OE.16.022039⟩
Journal articles hal-01963248v1

Innate pro-B cell progenitors protect against type 1 diabetes by regulating autoimmune effector T cells.

R. Montandon , S. Korniotis , E. Layseca-Espinosa , C. Gras , J. Megret et al.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2013, 110, pp.E2199-E2208. ⟨10.1073/pnas.1222446110⟩
Journal articles hal-00845005v1

Programmable single-pixel-based broadband stimulated Raman scattering

Camille Scotte , Hervé Rigneault , Hilton B. de Aguiar , Pascal Berto , Camille Scotté et al.
Optics Letters, 2017, 42, pp.1696-1699. ⟨10.1364/OL.42.001696⟩
Journal articles hal-01511069v1

Evaluation de la stabilité primaire de l'implant acétabulaire par une méthode d'impact : étude cadavérique

Romain Bosc , Antoine Tijou , Giuseppe Rosi , P. Hernigou , Jean-Paul Meningaud et al.
94ème congrès de la société Française chirurgie orthopédique et traumatologique, Nov 2017, Paris, France
Conference papers hal-01653250v1

Comparison of Resonance Frequency Analysis and of Quantitative Ultrasound to Assess Dental Implant Osseointegration

Romain Vayron , Vu-Hieu Nguyen , Benoît Lecuelle , Hugues Albini Lomami , Jean-Paul Meningaud et al.
Sensors, 2018, 18 (5), ⟨10.3390/s18051397⟩
Journal articles hal-01798722v1
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Machining of complex-shaped parts with guidance curves

Laurent Tapie , Bernardin Mawussi , Walter Rubio , Benoît Furet
International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 2013, 69 (5), pp.1499-1509. ⟨10.1007/s00170-013-5120-9⟩
Journal articles hal-00840882v1
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Direct characterization of circulating DNA in blood plasma using µLAS technology

Rémi Malbec , Bayan Chami , H. Ngo , A Didelot , F Garlan et al.
63rd International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM 2017), Dec 2017, San Francisco, CA, United States. 4p
Conference papers hal-01686167v1
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Robust LQR control for stall flutter suppression: A polytopic approach

Fabien Niel , Alexandre Seuret , Luca Zaccarian , Casey Fagley
IFAC 2017 World Congress The 20th World Congress of the International Federation of Automatic Control, Jul 2017, Toulouse, France
Conference papers hal-01587449v1
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Vagus nerve stimulation: State of the art of stimulation and recording strategies to address autonomic function neuromodulation

David Guiraud , David Andreu , Stéphane Bonnet , Guy Carrault , Pascal Couderc et al.
Journal of Neural Engineering, 2016, 13 (4), pp.041002. ⟨10.1088/1741-2560/13/4/041002⟩
Journal articles hal-01372361v1
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Spatially broad opening of the blood-brain barrier with an unfocused ultrasound transducer in rabbits

Kevin Beccaria , Michael Canney , Lauriane Goldwirt , Christine Fernandez , Clovis Adam et al.
Acoustics 2012, Apr 2012, Nantes, France
Conference papers hal-00811323v1
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Kinetic DTI of the cervical spine: diffusivity changes in healthy subjects

Félix P. Kuhn , Antoine Feydy , Nathalie Launay , Marie Martine Lefèvre-Colau , Serge Poiraudeau et al.
Neuroradiology, 2016, 58 (9), pp.929-935
Journal articles hal-02447087v1
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Proposition of a PLM tool to support textile design: A case study applied to the definition of the early stages of design requirements

Frédéric Segonds , Fabrice Mantelet , Julien Nelson , Stéphane Gaillard
Computers in Industry, 2015, 66, pp.21-30. ⟨10.1016/j.compind.2014.08.002⟩
Journal articles hal-01090967v1

Thickness-dependent thermal properties of amorphous insulating thin films measured by photoreflectance microscopy

Abeer Al Motar , Gilles Tessier , Riina Ritasalo , Mikko Matvejeff , Jonhy Stormonth-Darling et al.
Thin Solid Films, 2017, 642, pp.157 - 162. ⟨10.1016/j.tsf.2017.09.037⟩
Journal articles hal-01915677v1

Radiopaque nanoparticles of iodinated polymer for combined diagnostic and therapeutic application

D. Mawad , J. Chelly , H. Mouaziz , A. Penciu , H. Fessi et al.
Polymers in Dispersed Media, PDM 2012, 2012, Lyon, France
Conference papers hal-01943115v1
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A new approach for centerline extraction in handwritten strokes: an application to the constitution of a code book

H. Daher , Véronique Eglin , Stéphane Bres , N. Vincents
Document Analysis Systems, Jun 2010, Boston, United States. pp.425-432
Conference papers hal-00592014v1

Numerical temperature distribution resulting from optimal E-field distribution during radiofrequency hyperthermia treatment

N. Siauve , L. Nicolas , B. Lips , N. Burais
8ème International Congress of the European Bioelectromagnétics Association - EBEA 2007, 2007, Bordeaux, France
Conference papers hal-00456009v1
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An algebraic method for multi-dimensional derivative estimation

Samer Riachy , Yara Bachalany , Mamadou Mboup , Jean-Pierre Richard
MED'08, 16th IEEE Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation, IEEE, Jun 2008, Ajaccio, Corsica, France
Conference papers inria-00275461v1